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What benefits does P25 Phase 2 digital radio offer police, fire and ambulance organizations?

In October 2011, 15 delegates gathered in Arizona to examine the implications of P25 Phase 2 for public safety organizations including FCC narrow-banding deadlines, who should be considering Phase 2, migrating to Phase 2, implications for interoperability, spectrum efficiency, data applications, and funding.

Watch a series of videos that cover topics like: The scope of P25, Migration, FCC Funding, Narrowbanding, Interoperability, Security, and more.

Information and Funding on Phase 2

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Data Applications

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FCC Narrow-banding

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The Scope of P25 Phase 2

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What the roundtable delegates expect from P25 Phase 2

Delegates to the October 19th, 2011 roundtable talk about the major benefits of the P25 Phase 2 technology for public safety organizations:

Stephen Macke


F. Russell Bowers

F. Russell

Frank Kiernan


Ken Shearen


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Welcome to the P25 Phase 2 Forum

The objective of this website is to host full and open discussions on areas of interest to Public Safety organizations thinking about P25 Phase 2 and its implications.

The P25 Phase 2 Forum brings together the following professionals:

  • Public Safety organizations and end users,
  • industry experts,  
  • P25 radio manufacturers, and
  • other interested parties.

This forum aims to provide participants with:

  • a place to access impartial information on P25 Phase 2,
  • an opportunity to receive practical advice from fellow Public Safety professionals and industry experts,
  • a space to discuss and seek clear answers to the many questions organizations have around P25 Phase 2, and
  • information on the organizational benefits which P25 Phase 2 provides.

P25 Phase 2 Roundtable Program

Tait Radio Communications are sponsoring a series of roundtable events to promote greater understanding of P25 Phase 2.

On October 19th, 2011, a roundtable of Public Safety professionals and industry experts met in Scottsdale, Arizona, to discuss the questions posted on this site and other topics related to P25 Phase 2.

The outputs of the October discussion is being made available through this website.

For information about future P25 Phase 2 roundtable discussions please email us.